I work in tintype and large format photography, color and b&w. I am a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine. I live near Austin, Texas and am available for photographic commissions. I also work in digital when necessary.

Authenticity is what I search out. Handcrafted images that are organic and serendipitous in nature are much more exciting to create and be a part of than anything created with x’s and o’s.

Time is precious, meant to be spent with family, friends, animals, the outdoors, having new experiences and making meaningful work.


I do NOT Facebook.
I do NOT Linkedin.
I do NOT blog.
NO Flickr.
NO Tumblr.
What is Twitter?

Traveling with my wife and kids to show them the world and give them perspective is one of our highest priorities as parents. We take one six week trip per year and prior to the trip we study for months what we will be seeing and doing while out. The bond we create as a family has given us all great appreciation for each other. Our hope is that the boys will view the world from a different point of view and learn to embrace their lives to the fullest.